TGH: Brink Review (PC)

TGH Writes: "The problem with Brink is that it’s not very Call of Duty. Unlike nearly everyone else making multiplayer shooters, developer Splash Damage isn’t making a game for Call of Duty players, who already have a game anyway. So as they’ve done with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars, Splash Damage has made a game for people who like a sense of focus in their gunplay, and something more than gunplay in their shooters."

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Rob9462740d ago

This game is pretty good, only problems are lack of maps and online lag.

shammgod2739d ago

agreed, i just played it for like 3 hours straight...only had 2 game lag, but when it does its frustrating

ShadyDevil2740d ago

I still want to pick it up, looks good. I might have fun with it. Plus a lot of people on my friends list have it.