Top 10 Positively Portrayed Female Game Characters

Listverse: Let’s face it: female video game characters are not often praised for their mettle. Indeed, you’re far more likely to find lists about the top ten most sexy female video game characters, than those who can kick ass. Countless odes to boob physics aside, I thought I’d attempt to ascertain some of the more positively portrayed female characters in video gaming today, those with substance, who might hold the title of role model, as opposed to the far more frequent walking pair of breasts (naming no names, of course). Without further ado, then, here come the girls.

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Ace_Man_62766d ago

The picture of Alyx in the article doesn't look like her at all!

Pozzle2766d ago

Yeah, it looks like one of those lets-make-Alyx-sexier mods. :(

IanVanCheese2765d ago

Alyx is a good choice for top of the list, though as a fanboy I'd have Regina from Dino Crisis on there too