Gamer's Corner: The Last Guardian Preview

Gamer's Corner writes; "Graphically the game looks gorgeous. As well as being attractive in the traditional sense, the imagery is very stylised with the usual Team Ico black and whites set against a backdrop of an almost Tomb Raider style temple world. The contrasts are very attractive and iconic. Project lead Fumito Ueda recently comented on the artistic nature of the game, "I guess it depends on how you define art of course. But in a Japanese conception of the term art it's thought that it might be something that's difficult to understand or complex, unique or uncommon."

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terrordactyl2761d ago

Agreed, it looks like a lot of love and care has gone into the development. Definately a contender for PS3 exclusive of the year.

Blaine2761d ago

Finish it already!

Damn I've been waiting for this game for so long.