Eye of Judgement Review (Variety)

Brian Crecente reviews Eye of Judgement for the Hollywood trade journal Variety:

Watching "Eye of Judgment" breathe life into an otherwise pedestrian trading card game isalmost magical when first witnessed. The creatures depicted on a card pop to life, doing battle with an opponent's miniature menagerie. But after the first couple of matches, the magic willl lose its sizzle for most gamers, leaving a fun experience anchored to an armful of equipment. Only the most zealous card-based role-playing game fan will find the setup worth the trouble.

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Real Gambler4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

One of the best line: "In fact, “Eye of Judgment” could easily be played, without the graphics, on a real table, in a real home, without the need of an expensive console."

Yes, but the goal is to play it with someone from Japan, Paris, and Canada in the same evening! Can you find hundreds of worthy opponents in your real home every time you play? That's a lot of people to feed...

But the best line from this "review" is still the first one: "A Sony Computer Entertainment of America PRESENTATION of a game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Playstation 3. "

So even the author is admiting this is not a review, but simply a PRESENTATION based on what he likely read somewhere else...

ktchong4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

also the managing editor of Kotaku.

Real Gambler4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

A "managing editor" can only make good reviews???

Seriously Round Peg, read this presentation again, and show me anything good about it...

Most game reviewers will bring something really personal into their review (or presentation in this case). They will say they don't like the music, the interface, they will complaint about how long it takes to get online, or in this case how fast or slow the camera will recognize the cards. There's absolutely nothing personal in this presentation. The only line that would let you believe he played it is when he said games are balanced, but even then, any reviewers would have said something like: "After playing 30 games, it does appear like the games are balanced" because with only 30 games, you may later find out that it's not so balanced...

Tell me you don't feel like he hasn't played the game? To me it look more like: "Hey, it's EoJ release day, and I have not said anything about it. Let's write a few lines quickly"

So no matter who he is, he can make a bad review, and if you look at ANY other reviews about E0J, you will have a really hard time finding anything worst than this one!