Five Titles We Want In PSP Remasters

TGH Writes: "The recently announced PSP Remaster line makes us giddy and intrigued all at the same time. We could not help ourselves but to come up with a list of titles we want to be be added to the sure to be announced list coming up at E3 which just just around the corner. So without further intrusion, I give you our list."

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boogey1572711d ago

I think SOCOM FTB will be big, and how about the Syphon Filter games

Istanbull2711d ago

Killzone Liberations
Valkyria Chronicles 2&3
Resistance Retribution
ALL those JRPGS the PSP got!
WipEout Pulse

and MGS PSP collection: MGS Ac!d 1+2, MGS:Portable Ops and MGS Peace Walker!

midgard2272711d ago

heck yeah man!!!! Dissidia 012 in HD would be amazing aswell!!! would need to be a remake tho if they did that haha

NarooN2711d ago

Syphon Filter? Count me in! Wouldn't mind Peace Walker and KZ Liberation either. Oh and Wipeout Pulse.

Soldierone2711d ago

Don't know about everyone else...but Metal Gear Acid would also be welcomed by me. It had an extremely addictive tone to it.

waltyftm2711d ago

Agreed i love the Ac!d series.

digimau2711d ago

R&C Size Matters
Agent Clank
Wipeout Pure

miyamoto2711d ago

MGS Peace Walker
Super Robot Wars Z, Z2, & Z3
SD G Generations Spirit & Wars
Valkyria Cronicles 2 & 3
Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
FF Dissidias
Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2
God Eater Burst

Fulensenca2711d ago

Nice list! I would add Metal Gear Portable OPS and Wipeout Pure :)

Prophet1122711d ago

FF7: Crisis Core should be on that list as well and the other Metal Gear Solids. Also Star Ocean 1+2 and the Persona series.

ShadyDevil2711d ago

Crisis Core is on the list, its actually first if you took the time to read it.

Prophet1122711d ago

@ ShadyDevil, I was commenting on axelstone's list not the links list.

the_bebop2711d ago

FFVII:Crisis Core
FF Dissidias

The only games I want.

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