Hearmii Conduit 2 Review

The adventure began in 2009 and now it continues, The Conduit was first realized in 2009 as the first big shooter for wii. The game came out of now were and surprised gamers everywhere with its unique story telling, perfect fps console controls and a tailored game engine. The Conduit changed a lot for Wii introducing the likes of amazing tech never before seen on the system and a bold online approach that worked. This game did not go without fault though as the game suffered from deja vu level design mediocre voice acting and a Holst of online bugs. The Conduit came and gone and as many people loved or hated it there still was anticipation for the sequel. The desire to see a sequel to fix a the grips with the first game that would make The Conduit a true epic Wii franchise; So how does Conduit 2 excel?

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dubal-e2761d ago

If invasion mode was online like they promise then I'd probably be close to agreeing. Its not a bad game by any means but they shafted us on the invasion mode. BIG TIME

rumplstilts2761d ago

They never claimed it be online. It was known for months that they couldn't get it running.

dubal-e2761d ago

Like hell they didn't. At E3 they talked about their team invasion mode and how u can go online with ur buddies and earn points to buy weapons and upgrades. If it'd of been online I'd of gave this a 9, but since its not its more like a 7 or 7.5

rumplstilts2760d ago

"It was known for months that they couldn't get it running."

Venox20082761d ago

I can give 8.5 for this game :)

pcz2761d ago

you know i would give red steel 2 a chance instead. i thought that game looked corny but this game makes red steel 2 look classic.

look at that front cover, it screams - this is a trashy game for people with no taste.