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Fox News Debate of Federal Funding for Games Goes About Like You’d Expect

Kotaku: Here's a video that is uncomfortable to watch on two levels. The first is that I feel terrible for Brian Ambrozy, the editor-in-chief of Icrontic, who is appearing on Fox News to try to explain why and what kind of video games are now eligible for federal arts funding. The second is the nonstop assault Fox and its counterpoint ringer make on one's intelligence. (Culture)

iamnsuperman  +   1220d ago
"fair" ha lol.

Love it how the tech guy put fox in their place from the get go and then again with "I'm talking to entertainers here". I tip my hat to you, Sir
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Active Reload  +   1220d ago
Yeah, this wasn't as bad as the article's writer made it seem, it's definitely nowhere near as bad as when Geoff Keighley was on there. Btw, the Asbury fellow is a complete a$$ just like 99% of Fox news network.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1220d ago
I understand making educational games....but "art"? I don't know....we're entering dangerous territory. Games are very commercial and easily replicated; I don't see how we could fund them to make "art" video games. And if they were the way I think they would be, I'm thinking it would be more like "software" than a game.

Ping Pong is an art.
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primesuspect  +   1218d ago
Why thank you ;)
metsgaming  +   1220d ago
Kotaku and Fox news are very similar when you think about it so when one points the other out as a joke it makes me laugh.
ATiElite  +   1220d ago
Fox Fascist News....here we go
if a game is artsy and helps make learning fun and easy all the while getting little kids familiar with technology then sure my tax dollars can go there. Our education system and teaching format needs updated.

But what Fox Propaganda Fascist News needs to stick with is why my tax dollars go to Oil companies who every year have increased their profits while shrinking their workforce.

I'm sick of Corporate Welfare to oil companies especially when the top 5 oil companies made a combined $125 Billion dollars in profit last year and I'm paying $4 a gallon for gas made from oil dug up 10 years ago. Now that my friend is Bullcrap!
jdfoster00  +   1220d ago
LOL YOU'RE COMLAINING ABOUT $4 A GALLON? IT'S $2.14 A LITRE OVER HERE IN THE U.K!!! Now that my friend is BullShit*!
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ATiElite  +   1220d ago
Dam sucks for you! lol I feel your pain but doesn't the U.K. have a lot of trains and stuff? plus your cars are more fuel efficient than our American tanks (SUV). but yeh your metric system and fuel prices suck. lol :) j/k
Man if they charged Americans $4 a liter here in the States...we would riot and burn this biatch down or invade another country for their oil.

The public transportation system in the U.S. is NOT reliable unless you live in maybe N.Y.C. or Chicago. anywhere else and you need a car and especially if you live in the suburbs.
Beefstew4u  +   1220d ago
We pay about $1.30 a litre here in Canada at the moment. Which is like $5 a gallon. I could never imagine $2.14 a litre, that's like $8 per gallon =/
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1220d ago
Why do the American media get so butthurt about every little thing?
one2thr  +   1220d ago
Because our American society has gotten to sensitive during the last few years, which is very sad :(
Finger-Eater  +   1220d ago
The American Corporate media in general can suck my balls.
JsonHenry  +   1220d ago
I don't care if it is considered a form of art or not. But I am NOT for giving public funds to private devs/individuals based on the fact that games are recognized by the gub'ment to be a form of art.
r2kcipher  +   1220d ago
honestly your tax $$ is pretty much dumped in a giant pit in the middle east. so whats exactly the problem with this? this will probably come from money budgeted for business grants anyway, so it doesn't effect you at all.
ylwzx3  +   1220d ago
I can see it now... A government funded console.
metsgaming  +   1220d ago
isnt china doing that ?
sharpened sense  +   1220d ago
Faux news is such a joke...They defend and have no problem with Billions of subsidies to go to the most profitable business in the world (Big Oil) but they bitch about this tiny amount gone to video game developers.
d3nworth1  +   1220d ago
Notice how the first games he mentions are GTA and Call of Duty. They never mention games like Mario Galaxy or Rachet and Clank or Banjoo Kazoie or any light hearted games. They always go for the most violent ones to make it look like well all video games are evil and promote violence. This is why I cant watch Fox News they're soo ignorant and do all this crap just for ratings and veiws.
mrv321  +   1220d ago
America already funds video games, google Americas Army...

I like how their example went straight to GTA IV and COD, however this ONLY applies to indie games, I believe the same thing happens to movies. But hey... so long as video games teach kids out to reload a gun ( press X ) they will be bad, as opposed to Fox who only show kittens and Glenn Beck... they never show war.
UP  +   1220d ago
"they never show war" Now that is a outright lie.
ExPresident  +   1220d ago
They never show war.... odd. What channel are you watching again?
ExPresident  +   1220d ago
How about public money shouldn't be going to video games, just as much as it shouldn't be going to other crap that it does. But whats the point.
grifter024  +   1220d ago
This wasnt as big as a crucifixion as the Mass Effect debacle and even then seeing them say NOTHING about Heavy Rain with full on boob shots makes me laugh at these segments.

I love who they got to "Counter," Argue the point though a ..

"Lifestyle Community Radio Talk Show Host."
How is this guy even associated with what they were going to talk about in the first place?

Flow and Flower I would consider art...heck even that yoga thing they threw out for Kinect could be considered art since it teaches you something.

Americas Army like someone said is also funded as well as Starcraft since the military used the game to teach soldiers how to use advanced strategies on a wide scale.

I doubt I'd see Duke Nukem getting money but again its better than throwing our money at the oil companies that were crying that their tax cut was going to go away.
256bit  +   1220d ago
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mananimal  +   1220d ago
This entire debate or question of discussion is actually irrelevant if one understands how business in the real world works. They are ALREADY FUNDED by the govt. Since Corporations all have lobbyist who are in bed and work hand in hand with the Government officials of all levels to establish policy in this country, in every facet of society lol.So the debate is pointless and funny nonsense.Just more propaganda by the media to the uninformed massess,the sheeple.
gamey  +   1220d ago
You had me... *puke... at FoxNews. If there was ever a company against art and expression, FoxNews is its archetype.
I posted this on Kotaku as well. FoxNews is bad for democracy. That sounds like hyperbole...sadly, it isn't.

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