IGN Reviews Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction. Scores 9.4

IGN writes: "Insomniac knows the PlayStation 3. Last year, the Full Moon crew coded circles around the competition and walked away with the only real "Triple A" launch title on the system. What's great for consumers is that the team's follow-up is even better. It's a return to the franchise that paid the company's bills over the last five years and it's one of the most adored and acclaimed series in the PlayStation library -- it's Ratchet and Clank (in case you missed the headline), and it's really, really good".

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cloud3604042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

9.4 , now more of these kinds of games on ps3.

but this time for other genres that appeal people.

PS3 will win when it has like 10-20 exlusive first party games. I remmeber i bought a ps2 it had a game called dark cloud inm a demo disk. Am being supersticious.

People will buy the Ps3 when they have enough exlusives. Enought so that they can be put on a demo disk for every PS3. (happened with ps2)

cloud3604042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

9.4 yeh, i did a double post to stick it in you face.

Am still not gonna get this (Xbox fans happy)

becuase i dont own a ps3 "yet" (xbox fans dissapointed).

Puts on helmet . ahh, no more bubbles

lonestarmt4042d ago

ahh ign, 9.0 folklore and Rachet 9.4 = so sweet. What will you give uncharted??? keep them coming sony...

shmee4042d ago

except 1up


sonarus4042d ago

like i said earlier the 8.5 was based on 1 persons opinion who may or may not be a 360 hoe. Don't waste my time with 1up reviews but i guess they made xbox fans happy giving ratchet and clank its lowest score.

Texas GMR4042d ago

Looks like a fun game. Great review too.

Makroyale4042d ago

I still would've given it a 9.5 as I think it's > or = the new metroid on the Wii.

Time to have about 20 hours worth of Toy Story graphic fun!!!

unsunghero284042d ago

Good for Sony, but let's keep Nintendo out of this...

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The story is too old to be commented.

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