1UP gives 3/10 to Jericho

1UP's Joe Rybicki:
" could see how Jericho would sound like a good idea. A secret division of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps devoted to paranormal missions, like some sort of occult Rainbow Six? Priests with guns, fighting alongside witches and telekinetics? A prehuman demigod stealing slices of history as its own personal playground? It's a pretty nifty premise, and worthy of Clive Barker's name."

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Blood_Spiller4072d ago

1UP seems to be a bit of a rebel in terms of review scores lately. I wonder if they're hard up for traffic, nothing brings hits like a low rating!

wil4hire4072d ago

For traffic ratings. 1up is in the thousands... Where IGN is the #175th site ranked for its traffic.

Things to consider when taking 1up's opinion to mind. Even as just that, an opinion.

ReconHope4072d ago

it wasnt great but it wasnt horrible. A 3/10 is a ridiculous review.

MK_Red4072d ago

WTF is wrong with 1UP today? 8.5/10 to Ratchet and 3 for Jericho? They both deserve way better scores.

Panthers4072d ago

Maybe, but I didnt like Jericho's demo at all. Im sure it is better than a 3 however.

Squeely4072d ago

The low score for R&C is because of the PS3 rating ceiling being set at 8.5 by most reviewers. If it was a 360 game it would have gotten no less than 9.5 but due to the bias against PS3 R&C will only be given a B rating at best.

dragunrising4072d ago

You are delusional if you think PS3, 360 or the Wii has a review ceiling cap. Stop being a fanboy. Visit and you will see that most sites gave Ratchet and Clank 90% or higher.

marionz4072d ago

this is a good score considering how bland the game is, i would have probably rated it about a three also, but that still seems to high

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predator4072d ago

holy cow, i thought this game was going to be good

MK_Red4072d ago

It is good. It has gotten 8/10 and 7/10 from good sites and mags. 1UP is just not in the mood today. They gave 8 to CastleVania PSP which has both Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood!

DiLeCtioN4072d ago

i had my m8 who owns a 360 come over to my house,he said he loved the demo(doesnt have live)honestly 1up are decieving people they should stop reviewing games man

PS360WII4072d ago

Well they say it's long load times, weak weapons, horible voice acting, and bland enemies. Seems like a just score if you count those in it. Another post gave this a 7 so it's not shaping up as a sweet game as of now. Didn't play the demo myself so I can say.

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The story is too old to be commented.