LA Noire Interrogation Hints and Tips

Evidence will only get you so far in your investigation. You can examine evidence in detail and try to discover each clues meaning, but to close the case you must inquire the person of interest further and get answers that will tip you off or, if you're lucky, get a confession. The interrogative process however is one of the trickiest and confusing parts about L.A. Noire. This section of the LA Noire guide gives some pointers on how to succeed during interrogation.

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Raendom2761d ago

My tips: truth if you don't suspect them or if they don't sound panicky. Doubt if you think they're lying but have no evidence. Lie if you found some evidence that directly disproves what they're saying.

Be careful with Lie and Doubt, it is genuinely probably the most used options but on rare occasion even a guilty person tells the truth on certain questions.

Rampaged Death2761d ago

This is so hard and it's really letting me down.

pr0digyZA2761d ago

Lol yup I suck at reading the characters faces most times I guess and get it wrong then reload and try again. Now I wonder how many of my friends have been lying to my face.

DanSolo2761d ago

Good game, I'd like to see some of the things in this expanded on in the future!

And if there is a L.A Noire 2, it would be cool if you could have a friend play your partner, either split screen or online....

clarkjudo2761d ago

Good idea ... but lets hope the friend and you don't start a fight over who plays Cole Phillips. And you may now have another case to solve with possible serious results. LOL

DanSolo2760d ago

lol true mate! But then as long as you could do all the same stuff as each other it wouldn't bother me which one I got to play!

I don't suppose your Clark's Judo is Martin Clarks is it?