The Most Shocking Events in E3′s history

Gamersmint writes: It’s no secret that the gaming world has witnessed some of the most awe inspiring, most absurd and unexpected announcements at E3.

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MonkJammas1812d ago

Let's hope for some equally shocking events next month!

Washington-Capitals1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

In recent time, i remember the FF13 announced for Xbox to be the most shoking memory ive had.

I dont/didnt care about FF franchise at all but that was all the talk for the next month or so.

UnbiasedGamer1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

LOL FF14 Announcement was hilarious, Me and my friends were watching it live, and we were absolutely gob smacked that they were showing Final Fantasy 14. There were some Xbox 360 fans boys with us too, they were speechless and couldn't say a word..but then FF14 Online came at the everyone erupted in laughs looool

I think Sonys E3 on 2006 if i remember correctly was absolute joke..

$500 dollars
gaint enemy crab

basically countless amount of memes just from that one show.

Last years MS Kinect show was a absolute joke too.

psb1812d ago

will outshine every other E3 in my opinion. Project Cafe will be something which will be the thing to watch out for but both Sony and Microsoft must be planning some good counters aswell. Besides, it would be interesting how Sony recovers from the recent negative media coverage and bounces back with a stellar show.

Everyone should be excited for this year's show.

Karooo1812d ago

I hope NGP is priced well or it can get bad for sony

a_bro1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

$250 non-3g version, you heard it here first.

metsgaming1812d ago

yea i hope its at highest 250 for wifi version. If its 300 i demand an uncharted bundle lol.

BiggCMan1812d ago

Nah, thats been said ever since the thing was announced man, sorry to burst your bubble.

iamnsuperman1812d ago

The two most shockingly cringe worthy moments in E3 imo are the Ubisoft laser shooting thing

and the Kinect presentation with those two women talking to each other

jack_burt0n1812d ago

Yeah the Lazer TAGZ was so bad but jeff winger FTW.

InspectorG1812d ago

Wow I missed the Laser tag game, and am glad I did - just watched it then that was embarrassing watching it. let alone trying to make it seem great... I loved the fact that hes 'trying' to hide at the beginning and everyone is just silent

AngryTypingGuy1811d ago

There was the end of the Nintendo press conference too a few years ago where the Nintendo staff were playing the Wii-motes like musical instruments. Now THAT was cringe-worthy.

VampiricDragon_1812d ago

Can someone write an article and know what they are talking about?

The first portable metal gear was on the gbc. Not on the psp

VampiricDragon_1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

How can anyone disagree with a fact

CDbiggen1811d ago

It was probably from the guy who wrote the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.