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2011 has been an interesting year for video games: there have been plenty of killer apps released already, and plenty more are announced for launch in the fall and winter seasons.

With that in mind, what are the five best games of the year – so far?

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rabidpancakeburglar2735d ago

Pretty good list although I personally would have put Dead Space 2 ahead of Killzone 3

ATiElite2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

The Witcher 2
Portal 2
Dawn of War II: Retribution
Shogun 2 total War
Two Worlds II

Honorable mention
Magicka Vietnam

and just to think a lot of people including myself thought this was an April Fools Joke.

rabidpancakeburglar2735d ago

I had completely forgotten about portal 2 and I'm pretty sure that the witcher wouldn't have been put on because it's only just out

jdfoster002735d ago

Can't put witcher 2 on it! Wouldn't have completed it yet and gather the full experience of it... As the title say's... so far.. Not even alot of FULL reviews have come out for Witcher 2 yet -.- and the rest okay.. :)

DarkCharizard_2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

1. Pokemon Black & White
2. The Witcher 2
3. Portal 2
4. Shogun 2
5. LittleBigPlanet 2

Misterhbk2735d ago

I'm waiting for Infamous 2 to build a top 5. I'm fairly certain it'll capture my number one spot. Absolutely loved the first one.

Abash2735d ago

The guy actually put BulletStorm on the list and not LittleBigPlanet 2?

Warprincess1162735d ago

Pokemon was #1 so you already know the guy is an idiot.

Dart892735d ago

Looks like someone didn't get to play pokemon when they were young.

Theyellowflash302735d ago

Pokemon has more gameplay, strategy, and depth than every game on that list. I think by your posts Warprincess your a idiot.

cbakehorn2734d ago

Was never much of a LBP fan. I didn't play LBP2, but I thought it was pretty impressive (I like what I've seen from YouTube and other Internet videos based on user-created stuff from the series). Still...not my style of game, therefore not making it on my personal list of all the games so far this year.

Mac is OK2735d ago

L.A. Noire
Portal 2
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Dead Space 2
LittleBigPlanet 2

Silly gameAr2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Yeah, Killzone 3. Why not? It's actually an awesome game.

kramun2735d ago

I've played it, it's not that great at all.

Silly gameAr2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

You played it huh? Cool. That proves you're not a troll then I guess. :/ Well, what can I say? Everyone has their own opinion. That was the first game I played online when I got the chance.

stealth500k2735d ago

I applaud him for picking pokemon number 1

Its a great game

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The story is too old to be commented.