Japanese PSN to Return this Month

"Sony will restart the Japanese PlayStation Network service some time this month, Nikkei reports today. The service has been down since late last month."

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Ddouble2498d ago

Good to hear. I wonder how they have been coping all this time.

Blaze9292497d ago

watch they get HELLA good rewards for Japan's program..

trainsinrdr2498d ago

What about the EU one ive been waiting to buy the da vinci disappearance for quite some time.

Ddouble2498d ago

This is not talking about the store. Japan hasn't had PSN as a whole online even tho everywhere else got it a week ago.

likerussia2498d ago

Wow I'm glad, I didnt know JPN was done longer.

ddurand12498d ago

Considering the problems the country is dealing with on a national scale I bet that most people understand

blackcat2497d ago

it's not just Japan. I live in Taiwan, and because the server is located in Japan there is no service here either! A few other countries in this area are being affected as well. This is the first news I have heard about the problem since the 15th. The lack of communication on what is going on by Sony here is really uncool.

Knushwood Butt2497d ago

Yep, no service at all still for Japan.

All I've been able to do is download the 3.61 firmware. Then...... nothing.

r212497d ago

seriously though, Singapore needs online soon.

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