Preview: Sengoku (PCGAMER)

PCGAMER writes: If you thought of the Warring States era of Japanese history at all, the overriding impression would be of horrifying loss of life, as armies rampaged across the land often massacring populations with just bamboo spears; and Shogun Total War’s militastic simulation has done little to allay that. Having discarded Shogun’s 3D battles, Paradox’s Sengoku is focussed instead on being the best simulation of feudal politics in Japan around. This introduces a lot more seriousness to the world, through seppuku, honour and concubinage, as we’ll see – but it also forces us to talk about Bungo, Bingo and Hitachi with a straight face.

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captain-obvious2765d ago

this looks like a straight up shogun 2 rip-off