Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Bundle Snapshot

Dualshock Nexus: The Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 bundle has been rumored for quite some time now and a very reliable source has sent me a picture of what the bundle looks like. Check out the picture and further details below.

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Nitrowolf22741d ago

Kind of late isn't it? IDk why activision doesn't do this with Sony at launch and wait months later.

Treezy5042741d ago

I agree especially when Modern Warfare 3 is right around the corner it seems like a waste.

Anarki2741d ago

That's a disaster waiting to happen. Black ops on ps3 is so gimped.. :/

disturbing_flame2741d ago

i think Microsoft and Activision have an agreement over exclusives bundles at launch and certailny for a certain amount of time,plus COD DLC's are also exclusive for a short amount of time to 360 before they are released on PS3 and PC.

I don't know if it's a good strategy for Activision when we see how much COD is important for them, but Microsoft must have paid the price for this.

sack_boi2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Activision has an agreement with Microsoft just like EA/Ubi have with Sony...

Nitrowolf22741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

yeah i notice. Kind of surprising since Activision was the one pushing Sony to price cut and sell more console. Thought it was just for DLC but i guess not.

MS must be paying a bunch then

ian722741d ago

Activision are still advertising Black Ops on TV here in UK. Seen it lots lately.

2740d ago
Chevalier2740d ago

Rumoured awhile ago? Seriously? It's been on preorder at EB/Gamestop for at least 3 months. They'll be out on the 31st and will include the first content pack as well. It's kind of late, but, better late then never and getting a PS3 with a game versus one without for the same price is a no brainer. I've got a bunch already at work just waiting to be sold. Also Activision are going to re-release black ops on June 28th with content pack 1 now included along with it.