SEGA inadvertently shows exactly what's wrong with Sonic

Major game design fail in Sonic Generations illustrated perfectly in SEGA's own video.

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Peaceful_Jelly2737d ago

I never understood what was wrong with Sonic 4. Beside of the fact that it was waaaaaayyyyyy too easy I didn't see any other problems.... 0_o

DarkCharizard_2736d ago

Most of the Sonic fans hated the new physics. And they can't get over the fact that his eyes are now green. Just look at this video:

The guy's a crazy Sonic fanboy ranting on and on about how bad the game is!

Simply put, Sonic fans can never be happy. They are so obsessive about the Mega Drive games that they can't accept the new ways and will surely see their mascot dead 10 years from now.(You read it here first! :P)

MintBerryCrunch2736d ago


more like exactly showing whats wrong with the game

captain-obvious2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

lets just face it Sega Fucked up real bad
Mario games are still fun because Nintendo and miyamoto still care about Mario

Sega ?? not much
sonic was never that same game after sonic team got Fucked up for some reason

sonic could have been much much more bigger than what it is right now

i mean think about it THIS is the gen where sonic should be the best
this is the gen of fast paced games
sonic is one of the most fast paced platformers ever known to man
THIS is sonic's time to shine

if only sega known what they where doing
sonic could have been even bigger than what it is now

Information Minister2736d ago

If you played Sonic 4, then you simply can't deny that the controls and visuals are very disappointing. It was clearly developed as an iPhone game and then ported to other systems.

SEGA was more concerned with releasing it in as many platforms as possible, widening the potential audience and maximizing profits, than they were with developing the best product they could.

MWH2736d ago

i believe this guys was nailing it down where it matters. if you haven't experienced Sonic back in the days there's little chance you can understand.

pain777pas2736d ago

Sonic was definitely in Mario's league back in the 16bit era. The 4 Mega drive games and Sega CD games are some of the best game in the side scrolling platforming genre with SOTN, Mario, Metroid... etc.... These games are just fun from start to finish totally gameplay focussed. I never bought Sonic 4 because Sonic deserves better. The first 3 games were hardware defining games on the Mega drive. Sonic has better graphics than the Super NES Mario world game. I really dont understand why they destroyed Sonic? 2d gameplay with 3d rail thrill moments would have kept the series alive. I mean I have all Sega collections with those games for PS3, PS2, PSP and Xbox. I cannot get enough of the classics. Some fans made exactly what I expect from a next gen Sonic game. A pre rendered look and 2d gameplay. Please bring our Sonic back the cartoon talk alot Sonic never sat well with me.

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L6RD7BLU32735d ago

play Sonic 1-3 and 4 THEN you'll know

bwazy2737d ago

Now that I think about it. I never really was a Sonic fan... I mean sure I didnt have a sega, but the whole game (since played years ago) never really appealed to me.

Shackdaddy8362737d ago

Me neither. I was always a mario guy growing up.

Istanbull2737d ago

Sonic was for the cool guys, Mario was for the kiddy kids. I still try to remember Sonic from the 90's, when Sega kicked a$$.

ATiElite2736d ago

The original Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is an all time classic. One of my favorite games.

it's dam near the same stuff as Mario but just cooler cause Sonic had an attitude unlike Mario who just mindlessly was off to save a crack addict whore of a princess while Sonic saved the animals from evil corporate product testing.

MintBerryCrunch2736d ago

yet somehow nintendo properly evolved the game play to make mario still a huge player in the gaming market today....where's sonic?? sega has tarnished its one proud franchise for over a decade now

SuperSaiyan42736d ago

The day he went 3D Sega killed Sonic, with Sonic 4 that is a HUGE fail Sega just took bits from the old Sonic games and slapped it all together so trying to rehash it whilst ruining it and if that wasnt bad enough Sega then destroyed Sonic with that horrible music especially Dr. Eggman his music is absolute rubbish!!

I'll still to the old Sonic games, maybe one day Sega will figure out how to really bring Sonic back from the dead, until then Sega is dead to me as a company.

AWBrawler2736d ago

to be fair, the Adventure games were pretty good, and many people still consider Sonic Adventure the best one

Azfargh2736d ago

after playing Donkey Kong Returns, I saw how the new SONIC titles could have been: FUN

NarooN2736d ago

Sonic 4 wasn't THAT bad. He's seen worser days. *cough*Sonic 2006*cough*.

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