EyeCreate: Officially Released on the PLAYSTATION Store

Onaxis writes: "If you were one of the lucky ones to get The Eye of Judgment today at your local game store and you are looking for something a little extra, then head over to the PLAYSTATION Store. Why? The new and free EyeCreate software was just released, allowing you to make movies and what not, and do stupid things with your newly aquired PLAYSTATION Eye".

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cloud3603739d ago

hey kingofps3.

u know when i submitted the fake news about ratchet as a "joke"

did somet happen to u. u know when u said ban cloud360. did u hurt yourself, or like, get shocked and hurt yourself or something.

If so then

Did u

tethered3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Its you. Not u.
The use of 'u' over 'you' makes you look ignorant.

2 u 2 people disagreeing with me how does this not make u look ignorant?
u have 2 see how it makes u look don't u?

Haha! I guess so.
Maybe they don't know what the word ignorant means.
That would be kinda ironic if that were the case. lol

Haha! Up to 4 disagrees! Now thats funny!

Skerj3739d ago

I guess the people who disagreed were ignorant as well o_O

Marceles3739d ago

...but anyways, I'm gonna pick up the camera. I hate wearing the bluetooth headset and this can be used as a mic also. I want to play that other game where you have to use your whole body to guide the ball around all those obstacles. I also wonder how long you can make your videos on EyeCreate.

Tarmgar3739d ago

Agreed, that Jabra headset is annoying.

tethered3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Any price announced for the Eye sold without the game?

Sevir043739d ago

by it self and it's on shelves Nov 2nd... that i know for sure.

crazy250003739d ago

anyone tested this out yet??