Mortal Kombat Gets Stealth Update

TheSixthAxis: NetherRealm Studios has released a new hotfix for Mortal Kombat to help alleviate some character balance issues. As promised, the developers actually posted patch notes to go along with the silent update.

Tom Brady, a high level Mortal Kombat tournament player and MK9 tester, revealed some additional details regarding an upcoming patch.

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soundslike2765d ago

Whats cool is that balance patches don't have to go through SCEA/XBL QA testing.

I'm glad Kung Lao got nerfed, he was really miles beyond every other character in the game in every possible way...
damage, speed, specials, mind-games, combos, variety

TheBlackSmoke2765d ago

implying people pick characters other than smoke and scorpion.

implying people online actually know how to play this game...... L-0-L

warrior99882765d ago

i pick ermac hope thats alright with you

KingDustero2765d ago

Both Smoke and Scorpion a perfectly balanced. Scorpion is just easy to pick up and use, but he is still balanced.

Smoke is balanced as well. It takes skill to actually be good with him and pull off his combos online. He can be rather predictable though. His teleport punch is easily blocked and punished.

You should be glad if people keep picking the same characters, it should mean an easy win since you should know how the character plays and predict all their moves.

Scorpions don't stand a chance against me at all since I know EXACTLY what they're going to do all of the time.

Tony-Red-Grave2765d ago

the cheapest of all cheaps in the game is deff raiden and liu kang if they spam him see ermacs energy blast is the slowest blast in the game

moeqawama2765d ago

I'm surprised Ermac didn't get nerfed as well, considering that lots of people have complained about how cheap he is since the game came out

Tony-Red-Grave2765d ago

ermac is not cheap and if you think other wise go ahead and ry using him yourself.

the cheap ones are sektor cyrax reptile and sometimes scorpion.

the way ermac fights is like noob he isn't ment to take on cqc imo you stand in one area with him and punish anyone who gets close enough. ex i haven't learned ermacs highest hitting combo, i've seen it though, but i know his most basic is down back sqaure jump kick down back circle back forward square hen down back triangle to hurt the other guy for no reason.

like said thats his basic combo

Thoreau2765d ago

ermac does not need nerfing. his corner combos don't do the damage that come characters do, and he mainly is a zoning character. ermacs damage with combos come from landing 2,2 of (bp,bp) during the combo.

crossup jp or non neutral jp, bp,bp link-tks, jumpkick, teleport, dash bp,bp link force push almost does 46%

but besides that combo, his pokes are not the best. you might have to raise your mk skill.

Graphics2761d ago

I guess when you saying Ermac is cheap you mean as in easy to use? Cause Ermacs moves are not cheap, he is just an easy character to learn and do combos with that do high dmg.

SweatyFlorida2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Why they still haven't nerfed Shao Khan (Singleplayer/Challenge Tower) is plain stupid. I'm stuck on the challenge where your Shang tsung fighting baraka, sindel, and Shao Khan in a row D:

FEARprototype2765d ago

i know how you feel man but...think about it....after he beat you 100 time then in some miracle you won. do you know how happy you will be? you know it feel to brag about how shao kahan is easy and you know every move and can defeat him anytime? it feels awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee!

SweatyFlorida2764d ago

Yah but if you do win its almost always by luck or you got him stuck into using his taunts. I can't say, "oh I beat him with skill", no, the average gamer can't do that and honestly its my 1st fighting game in years. I like having a challenge against hard opponents, but not rigged ones :/

Tony-Red-Grave2764d ago

because shoa kahn has always been cheap the fact he is now is no surprise XD though id have loved for them to make sure shoa kahn cant be spammed so easy by noobs and doesnt taunt to much or do the wrong moves not to mention a better timing for his x-ray

TXIDarkAvenger2765d ago

Dude, where's the Raiden nerf patch. Too many people use that same push move over and over again + teleport

Tony-Red-Grave2764d ago

push push teleport grab fail push teleport grab push bolt

*me* HAHAHAHAHAHA! spam me with smoke now!!!!!!!!

Thoreau2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

i am actually good friends with tombrady-cough cough, B.M, he stated that there will be many patches....

tom brady and I have played many fighting games together and he is the one of the best fighting game players ever, yup even over j.wong in mk.

I can state this now, I actually played the dev version of mk9 about 8 months ago because Tom brought the developer's phat ps3 over my house. Tom is legit, any character concerns will be addressed....

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