Dragon Age II and the Decline of the Old-school RPG

Evolution or devolution? We examine the RPG genre's move away from its roots, and its cross pollination with other genres.

Playing Dragon Age II for the first time was an eye-opening experience. I'm a big proponent of not spoiling anything to do with the games that I'm excited about – I couldn't, for instance, tell you a single thing about Portal 2 leading up to its release last month. The less I know about a game before I play it, the better the surprise when I finally get my greasy mitts on it for the first time. It's therefore easy to understand the shock I experienced the first time I placed Dragon Age II into my Xbox 360.

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Beahmscream2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Casuals seem to be the cause... What a shame, I love a deep RPG. Now it seems as most are based on a faster pace bland "CoD-like" gameplay experience. Off topic, I also greatly miss the old slower paced RTS base building games, though I'm probably in the minority..

midgard2272763d ago

dude, u arent playing the witcher 2 then it seems, such a great rpg!

stealth500k2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

dont use 1 example ( dragon age 2) as to why rpgs are not old school.

Play disgaea 4 for 2 minutes when it comes out and tell me its not old school. Or Legend of heroes.........


"And so, with a heavy heart, it appears we should say goodbye to the RPG genre of old. It's sad to see it go"

ign is really going to the dogs and I think its time that they go. RPG's are a genre thats in the top 3 of genres in development at any given time.

kindi_boy2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

What a retarded article. He reduced the whole RPG genre on the ability to upgrade (weapons, ships, etc..) Then based the article on that assumption and one company.

Kee2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Dragon age 2 is a hybrid and a damn good one at that. This was bound to happen as developers got more power to work with. Gamers expect more than a simple turn-based battle system when they have next gen graphics.
Could you imagine a game like say Final fantasy 1 on a next gen system? The graphics would look great but the battles would feel out of place because as the graphics become more life-like so should be the whole feel of the game "apparently".

I still want turn based RPGs. I love them. The increase in graphical quality has decreased the amount of depth a game has.

Dragon age 2 case study:
The game itself is much the same as the first but to streamline the whole experience it has evolved into a more dynamic 'X' bashing fest. The tactical element remains and as does the equipment system (To an extent). You can't customise other character's armour in this one. Lot of people are disappointed. But it does make sense. You couldn't simply tell your comrade to take all their armour off and put something else on instead if it were real so I could see where bioware were coming from with that decision.

The main reason why RPG games are failing is this misconception of what a modern RPG should be like. These articles are not helping.

Here's hoping skyrim is still boss.

stealth500k2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Wow were to start on this

"Gamers expect more than a simple turn-based battle system when they have next gen graphics. "

False, i Expect a good fun game regardless. Only a fanboy cares about graphics. And only someone who is talking out of there ass would generalize an entire gaming population about what they "expect"

"I still want turn based RPGs. I love them. The increase in graphical quality has decreased the amount of depth a game has."

Disgaea 4 has no depth? Is that what your saying? Or pokemon has no depth? Or the another world has no depth? Theres 10 times the depth in those than in dragon age 2.........

Kee2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I'm sorry, pokemon and disgaea are classed as good graphical quality games?
Love pokemon nonetheless but I don't play it for the graphics, same from what I've seen of disgaea.

I'm referring to what the majority of the customer base. Not the hardcore. It's not an opinion it's an observation. But try reading my comment first before making it sound like I said things that I didn't.

The softcore gamers still look at an RPG and think "Boring" that's where bioware are stepping in. It's a good thing. Believe me.

Rybakov2763d ago

more like Dragon age 2 and the days where bioware decided they didn't wanna make good games and make streamlined crap games cause call of duty players and crybabies think it is to "complicated"

RIP Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and any other game bioware is making

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