Is Bungie prepping an XBLA announcement?

Nave360 writes: What many have shrugged off recently, due to the saddening news of Bungie not showing off anything at this year's E3, may have just developed further, after some XBLA trademarks have leaked out, which could have links back to Bungie.

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DeFFeR2712d ago

ABUSE! Please be Abuse - I lovvvved that game.

guigsy2712d ago

Most likely more DLC for Halo Reach. Could potentially be campaign DLC though.

green2712d ago

343 industries is in charge of Halo now and they are they ones that made the defiant map pack.If Bungie are indeed pressping an XBLA announcement, it most certainly will be a new game.

Xenoliath2712d ago

Campaign DLC would certainly be an awesome move.

TheDareDevil2712d ago

Bungie are no longer associated with Halo(Because Microsoft own the IP). It's 343 Industries responsibility now.

Xenoliath2712d ago

Just seems a bit odd that the two have trademarked similar names in the space of a month or two.

DrFUD2712d ago

A Hard Corps Uprising anime style side scrolling Contra-like Halo game?

LocO_o2712d ago

I am not sure why you got a disagree but that sounds great and it would be a day one purchase for me.

Raider692712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

First of all yes M$ owns the Halo IP ,but Activision dont own Bungie!M$ could still make deals with Bungie for Halo content,it coud happen if Bungie and M$ agree,but most likely it wont happen because 343 industries its in front of all Halo related stuff.But never say never!it coud be just Marathon Man new stuff.

powney912712d ago

Seriously? Do people still write stuff like 'M$'? They're a company. Companies need and want to make money, so they'll do it anyway they can that makes sense to their business model.

LocO_o2712d ago

one of the main reasons why Bungie left MS was because they wanted to work on something new other than Halo - wouldn't this kind of defeat the purpose.

My guess is that they are using XBLA as a test/teasing ground for their new game. If thats the case expect something other than a 1st person shooter from Bungie - I just dont get why the would release it on XBLA only when they should be testing the PSN fanbase instead.

Neko_Mega2712d ago

I don't think this will be 360 only, seeing how Bungie isn't apart of Microsoft and it is most likely nothing Halo to.

Menech2712d ago

If you haven't noticed Sony doesn't have a Playstation Store at the moment, so until further notice any 3rd party live games will be exclusive to Wii Ware or XBLA.

Neko_Mega2712d ago

That wouldn't be exlusive if its on Wii and XBL.

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