Review: Arcana Hearts 3 (VG)

Grant Gaines of Vivid Gamer writes "Fighting games are making a coming back and doing it in style. In the past few years, we have seen a new Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Blazblue, and even the fabled Marvel vs Capcom 3. Amongst the huge titles, the genre has also seen recent releases of other smaller, different titles. The anime-styled 2-D fighter Arcana Heart is one of these. While the franchise has had limited success, unexpectedly, several sequels were made. No fighting fans finally have a version for current-generation consoles."

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admiralvic2739d ago

Still a fun game to play!

CrescentFang2738d ago

I have yet the chance to get this with PSN down :(
Anyways, I'm glad Aksys finally brought this over, I am excited to play it :)

ncstatefan9532738d ago

Not a chance I will ever play this.

rrquinta2738d ago

I think I'll stick to sucking @ SSFIV.

Jamesmanguyperson2738d ago

Glad to see a review on a fighter that's a little less known..

admiralvic2738d ago

Haha I have a few others laying around like the PSP Kenshin title. However I don't think anyone care's about those games =p