PS3-Owners Give 10 Reasons To Stick With or Quit PSN

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1. The PlayStation Network is back. Are users?
2. Online Play
3. You Need a PSN Account to Stream Netflix Instant on PS3
4. Prepaid PSN Cards Are A Secure Workaround
5. You Don't Want To Pass Up Free Game Demos
6. XBox 360 Has Problems Too: Red Ring Of Death, Etc.

7. Risk Is Inherent To Online Technologies
8. America Loves To Give Second Chances
9. Watch Major League Baseball
10. Buying A New Gaming System Would Cost Too Much
11. A Reason NOT to Return to PSN: You already own an Xbox 360

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Hellsvacancy2766d ago

There was no way on earth i was ever gonna go from the fryin pan to the fire itself (thats one big arse fire aswel)

smoothdude2766d ago

So they actually found one person who already didn't like Sony to begin with, that traded in his console for an Xbox. Wow, that is amazing. :)

thorstein2766d ago

(A Reply to the Article) This isn't Tom's Hardware, it is Tom's Guide: Tom's Hardware is FAR more tech based and FAR less flamebaity.

hiredhelp2766d ago

I AGREE. this doesnt sound like TOM. Hes very PC hardware tech guy. Very indepth and very good at what he does. For him to mention about a ps3 seem odd.?

No_Pantaloons2766d ago

All I wanna know is when is the store coming back? I want my 2 free games.

thorstein2766d ago

Tuesday... if the rapture doesn't happen first.... lulz.

the_best_player2766d ago

Sonys many first games is why people will still use PSN.

Baka-akaB2766d ago

ah the beauty of incredibly idiotic pro-cons articles .

You have a console , you play online and online is back ? What f*cking more reasons do you need to use it ?

chrisgay2766d ago

I don't have my PS3 anymore, but my information was compromised and therefore, I won't be looking at buying a future Playstation product for some time. Call me bitter, but no other service has effed me over like that.
It wasn't just that the online service was down for a few weeks, it was a case of many users trusting Sony to look after their information and them failing; only providing a few old games as compensation.
I know if I still had my PS3 I'd be thinking hard about the decision to stay put- maybe I have stronger principles than the average Playstation user, but I'm not at all satisfied with their service as of late.

AtomicGerbil2766d ago

With that kind of logic you are better off staying away from the internet altogether, your information is at risk wherever it is.

If Sony's security was that bad we would of heard about it by now considering there were external security companies involved in investigating what happened. One little sniff from an anti Sony fanboy and it would have been global news in minutes.

Do you have credit cards, Paypal account, Amazon account or a bank account? Better close them quick because all these type of companies are hacked and often, it's just not plastered over every news site.

chrisgay2766d ago

Regardless of how good their security was beforehand, the fact remains, it happened and I find it hard to trust any person or company that lets me down, especially when the attempts to make up for it are poor.
My logic isn't that I avoid services where my information is at risk- my logic is that I avoid services where my information has already been compromised. It isn't about risk, it is about the principle- they let me down. Not to mention the fact that the services you used as examples are far more necessary in everyday life than the Playstation Network and have few options as far as genuine alternatives are concerned.
I'm not spreading hate, just offering an alternative view to the original poster as my opinions and principles clearly differ from his/hers.
I was unaware that my bank accounts, Paypal account and Amazon account get hacked regularly and if what you say is true, then I have a lot to be concerned about. I hope you're wrong, but if that is the case, I'm sure a security breach of Amazon or Paypal would make far bigger news than the Playstation Network.

Treyb3yond2766d ago

At least your name suits your post.

chrisgay2766d ago

Really? You're using my own internet alias and something that if were a reflection of my orientation, I would be totally proud of, as a way of trying to mock me?

It didn't work in any way at all.

Unless of course you mean my post is the sort of thing someone called Chris would say, then yeah, damn straight.

AtomicGerbil2766d ago

While I appreciate what you are saying I can't help thinking that your issue with PSN is fuelled by the media that has jumped on the anti Sony bandwagon we have seen lately.

Yes, personal data has been stolen. The credit card data was encrypted and therefore safe, PSN was shut down so the password data was useless, as for the rest, that kind of information is legally obtainable anyway if not found elsewhere on the internet.

The UK government has left more useful information on train seats and yet that kind of news doesn't go global in this way. Makes you wonder what we are not told doesn't it?

This whole situation was caused by people who would stop at nothing to take down their target, some may disagree but the situation would have ended the same if they targeted Xbox live.

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Baka-akaB2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

you said it yourself , you dont have a ps3 anymore , the end .

If you got one and can go online to play , and want to , of course you'll go . Maybe then without putting any sensible infos or buying anything online , but yeah still playing either way

chrisgay2766d ago

Yeah, I think people will have learned a lot from this as far as the information they submit not only to PSN, but other services as well and it does seem a no brainer for most players to get back to playing some games. I have some friends who are actually quite happy about the issue, having got Wipeout and Infamous for nothing- can't complain too much.
I'm not saying that's the wrong way of looking at it, just it isn't how I look at it is all. Maybe I just have trust issues... :P


I'm sticking with it, but I'll give it sometime as right now I'm unable to get my main PSN account back working (can't change the password, need to change to a valid e-mail first), but I'll have extra incentive to come back, as Latin American PS Blog revealed Brasil will get a PS Store soon!

For now I'll just keep playing offline and maybe some SOCOM4 online through a foreign account.

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