Make Your Head Hurt With the Free 3DVIA Game Engine

Dassault Systèmes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management solutions, has announced that the latest 3DVIA Studio game engine is going to be released... for free. So if you are looking to take a stab at working a game engine while bypassing all the schooling and industry training, now's your chance!

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Yi-Long2762d ago

... I wonder how hard it will be to make a cool top-down racer. :)

fire232762d ago

Yes it is, because this is the norm for middle ware engines now, free entry for low to no income based projects.

@ Yi
At least with the previous work I have done with 3dvia tools its been pretty easy to do stuff, but there are plenty of quirks that just brought down the engine in my view

Yi-Long2762d ago

... hopefully my ideas will be so simple that they'll be easy to realize so can just focus on interesting track-design instead of being boggled down by too much technical stuff.

fire232762d ago

That is nice, but I really hope that they work out some of the fun bugs and quirks of the engine.