Resistance 3 Demo Footage

Ryan Mac Donald and Benito Gonzalez bust out the Resistance 3 demo that will be included in the Battle Los Angeles Blu-ray and take it for a ride.

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trounbyfire2737d ago

i hope they upgraded the animations

trounbyfire2737d ago

looks very solid but the online animations were horrible

GrieverSoul2737d ago

I dont get it! Whats wrong with the characters animations?

beavis4play2737d ago

yea - animations look great to me. those leapers are sweet......and i loved how the one (at 22:03) threw himself on a grenade to protect the other leapers in the group!

2736d ago
beavis4play2736d ago

well, that would explain it.

and by online - you're talking multiplayer? if that's so, i wouldn't notice. i only play SP - except for zombies on WaW and BO. i'm a big player of that. also like messing about with RDR online.

thanks for clearing that up.

callahan092737d ago

I think it's looking really good and most importantly the guys playing the demo sounded like they were having a lot of fun with it. What are you talking about with animations not being good enough? What's wrong with them? I was watching the whole video looking specifically for underwhelming animations since I read some of the comments here first, and I just don't see what the problem is.

2736d ago
aaabbbccc43242736d ago

the graphics are stunningly good, a huge leap from resisstance 2, lol the graphics for this are so good i almost cry!

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Peaceful_Jelly2737d ago

the art direction is sooo OMG good! 0.0

kungfuian2737d ago

WOW! They def addressed any issues the last one had regarding mood/atmosphere. The envirnmental/wind effects in particualr really sell it for me.

Chnswdchldrn2737d ago

the hell is that boat made out of, nothing can sink it not even the advanced chimeran weaponry

EmperorDalek2737d ago

Other than Battlefield most games feature indestructible environments and objects. Look at Gears of War. The plants can stop gun fire. Bulletstorm. You can shoot the crap out of everything but a chest of drawers sustains no damage. Medal of Honor, you couldn't even shoot out a light.

The list goes on and on.

floetry1012737d ago

Is this on the Battle LA disc? or does it come with a code?

I don't want to have to buy a terrible movie in order to play the demo.

floetry1012737d ago

So wait, are the people disagreeing with me suggesting that Battle LA is a good film?

No wonder games can't be considered art.

Istanbull2737d ago

No, you're not cool like Oldboy, and stop b!tching about disagrees, nobody has to agree with what you say. Ignored

beavis4play2736d ago

floetry101 - it's cool. everyone has, and is, entitled to thier own opinions.
i am a huge movie fan and not just from the last 20 years either! i own movies like "grapes of wrath"; "12 angry men (original version); raisin in the sun (original version - the remake wasn't very good) and "ten little indians (version with hugh o'brien). watching old classics or well-made movies of today (like schindlers list) is always worth the time. but there are a large majority of movies that (while not perfect) can be very fun to watch.

my only hang-up with movies is romantic comedies. yea, there are a few good ones but 80% of them are just rehash crap with terrible actors (jennifer aniston for example).

i love talking movies - PM me anytime on new movies being released and we'll chat.

Soldierone2737d ago

Wondering the same thing....that movie was one of the most terrible movies I have seen. Was about ready to walk out, don't understand why people like a two hour Marines advertisement....

Hellsvacancy2736d ago

It was pretty bad, me and my two stoner buddies couldnt stop laughin through out the film coz it wass that bad

beavis4play2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

i don't know about the rest; but, i disagreed for a couple of reasons. 1 - you didn't like the great man vs. alien ground combat of the movie BUT you want to play a demo of a game that features man vs. alien ground combat?
and 2 - while battle:LA wasn't a classic (majority of movies aren't) it WAS a fun watch and i enjoyed it.

btw - i'm sure this demo will be on psn store but only when the release date gets close.

Soldierone2737d ago

1 It did nothing for alien to human combat. It showed them storming the beaches, so why didn't they make a D-Day like scene? Half the movie is just them walking through the city randomly coming across non-creative aliens that somehow don't have the technology to track a friggin bus. It jumps from scene to scene because the writer couldn't think of a way to get from one idea to the next. Resistance has a creative story, aliens, better battles, and a bigger scale of invasion with better circumstances.

The rest of the movie is just "WE ARE MARINES WE ARE AWESOME! COME JOIN us CUS WE ARE SO COOL!" crap. That isn't fun to watch to me.

I'm going to film school so im a bit more critical of films, i just couldn't stand this movie though. Im not saying you are not allowed to enjoy it by any means, just stating my opinion on why I hated it.

floetry1012737d ago

Fair enough Beavis, I won't take away your enjoyment of the film. The problem I have is that Resistance 3 is a game and thus it is treated as a fun, interactive experience. Battle: LA is like WATCHING someone play a video-game. The story is nonsense, the characters are cookie-cutter and the dialogue is atrocious.

If the disagrees are anything to go by, it's that few gamers are into real film. I'm glad you replied, but the majority that didn't are probably well into watching even more inane rubbish.

I'm hoping it's released on PSN soon.

Spitfire_Riggz2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I think they agreed to advertise Resistance 3 on this movie because when I was watching it I caught a couple glimpses of the Resistance 3 billboard.

Could be coincidence. This is a Sony picture isn't it?

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