Sony Online Entertainment Back Online; Welcome Back Program Detailed

GameDynamo - "Sony Online Entertainment is finally back online after a 15-day hiatus in the wake of the April cyber attacks.
Users of the service are being rewarded for their patience with a "Welcome Back" program. Unlike that of PlayStation Network, no free games are being given away. However, 30 days of free access, along with an additional 15 days to reimburse the down time..."

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Rybakov2764d ago

old news.....we all have the "welcome back" program mesmerized by now time for something interesting like say VIDEO GAME NEWS.....then again we are on n4g its like going to kotaku and expecting something that dosn't have to do with minecraft

Menech2764d ago

This is Sony Online Entertainment has nothing to do with PSN.

Kee2764d ago

Little late to the part-ay.

ryan_s2764d ago

how the hell did this got aproved

ATiElite2764d ago

"PSN back online"

Hackers...start your engines!

Too bad Sony has become a global target for hacker shenanigans.