Japanese PSN Delay Due to Credit Card Company Demands

Andriasang: There have been scattered reports that the Japanese delay is due to demands from METI, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Thanks to today's edition of the Asahi Shimbun daily, we now know what those demands are. Apparently, METI and credit card companies are asking that Sony to detail the protections it has in place for credit card users.

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M-Easy2766d ago

Its nice to see they care so much about PSN when they have a nuclear reactor that can still cause a catastrophe. /s

gamingdroid2766d ago

People are in charge of different things... Unless you want the general clueless off the street be busybody in the nuclear reactor issue.

Call_me_Ishmael2766d ago

'Sony at long last has responded'

hope this means its coming back soon

r1sh122766d ago

theyre being very strict in Japan about allowing the PSN to come back up.
The government wants to be assured its safe or at least that personal data is encrypted.

Soldierone2766d ago

-Why can't they just do what happened here? It doesn't take a credit card to play online, just to buy stuff in the store...

-Don't really feel safe giving this information out to everyone that requests it. Sony should be able to provide details on certain measures taken, but shouldn't have to go into specifics about those measures. The less people that know the better.