Revolutionary Rant: Veteran's Affairs [Game Revolution]

"Dooty Calls... (You know, poop.)" - Daniel Bischoff [Game Revolution]

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ftwrthtx2764d ago

Veteran difficulty doesn't measure up to the Elite difficulty for SOCOM 4 or Killzone 2.

stormeagle62764d ago

Let's not get into a pissing contest here. "This is harder." "No THIS is harder!" The point of the rant is that for any game, once you've passed a certain level of arbitrary difficulty (i.e. where you start to survive based on luck and not skill), you've just entered territory that no developer should enter.

Koolaye2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

haha good rant. Bragging rights is the reward for finishing the CoD campaign on veteran, otherwise it's just not fun.

HeavenlySnipes2764d ago

on COD games aren't hard, they are cheap. Big Difference.

The AI cheats to kill you, sometimes shoting before you enter a room or having pinpoint accuracy from long distances. They also program the AI to ONLY shoot at the player. Remember this level from COD: MW?

On veteran that level is plain cheap.

A game like KZ2 (not 3, KZ3 isn't hard at all) is a proper way of handling difficulty. The AI is smarter and get to cover on Elite, they occasionally throw grenades to flush you out (not like in COD: [email protected]), they send some to rush you and others lay back to provide fire etc...

NO wall hacking BS that is in the COD campaigns.

ftwrthtx2764d ago

KZ 2 uses endless spawns to create almost unbeatable levels.

COD games have always been beatable.

LostTokens2764d ago

The reasons you've written out are why I don't bother with Veteran difficulty... I recognize the devs can't/won't do too much different to make that difficulty level unique enough to go through. There's a fine balance between challenging and frustratingly cheap, and it ain't caused by just ramping up the number of baddies and lowing a player's HP.

BigWoopMagazine2762d ago

This is pretty much why I never made it through WaW on veteran. There aren't too many shooter games that don't fall into this trap - just most don't crank the difference in health and damage so far.

One of the few good ones I can think of is Dead Space. Yeah, it's a TPS, but it gives you challenge not only in enemy power, but by forcing players to ration supplies, and make every bullet count. It made the game scary all over again, cause running out of ammo and melee fighting a slasher is some crazy shit!