GameSpot Q&A: Turn 10 on Forza 2's new DLC track; Video of Motegi

Today, Microsoft confirmed to GameSpot that Forza 2's first downloadable track is off the blocks and will be delivered over Xbox Live on October 26. Forza 2's 14th track is Twin Rotegi Motegi, which is based on a real-world track designed by Honda in 1997 for testing cars. The track is also a premier destination for circuit racing in Japan, accommodating CART, IRL, NASCAR, SuperGT, and Formula Nippon events. The Twin Rotegi Motegi downloadable track will be available for 600 Microsoft points ($7.50).

For some more insight into Motegi and its inclusion in Forza 2, GameSpot spoke with Forza 2 game director Dan Greenawalt.

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marinelife93990d ago

$7.50 for one extra track? Is that the usual going rate?

creeping judas3990d ago

seems a bit steep for just one track??
id like to see like 4 tracks for that amount. I dont mind paying for the extra content as long as its worth it.

FordGTGuy3990d ago

track variations. Check the image I attached.

xav09713990d ago

seems a little high. should be like 400 points. It's about damn time that a new track is coming. It's time to go back to forza 2. I haven't played much of it lately.

Quisp3990d ago

seems high $$. Forza 2 is so thirsty for add'l tracks, I guess they feel they can get it. :/

SDS Overfiend3990d ago

These tracks should have came with the cars for 800 MS points.

800 is a little too steep for 4 tracks.

But it would nice to have some tracks with rain or little drizzle, Night or some original track with a nice mountain backdrop to really affect tires and grip a little more.

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