L.A. Noire Review [PlayStation LifeStyle]

Much has been made about the distinction between L.A. Noire‘s developers, Team Bondi, and its publishers, Rockstar Games. Take a look at the mini-map in the corner, the way cars control and how people on the street react, or how gunplay and cover mechanics work in-game. You’ll see a Rockstar Game through and through. Despite its mechanical similarities, you should be warned: this is no Grand Theft Auto. Team Bondi’s crime caper is an entirely new beast, different from anything you may have played before.

~ Daniel Bischoff, PlayStation LifeStyle

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Sev2769d ago

Agreed. I fucking love it.

A little side note, my wife isn't much of a gamer, but she LOVES this game. Stays up all night helping me crack perps during interrogations. If she can see through my bullshit, she can see through anyone's.

Lifewish2769d ago

how does anyone disagree with this comment? My wife also loves the game, helped me a lot.

Elimin82769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Yeah my girl is the same way! Doesn't want me to play until she gets home.. I sometimes wait or replay missions... hehe.. It's funny but I was just telling a friend this on PSN....

doctorstrange2769d ago

Preordered this months ago, yet it won't come till monday.

Elimin82769d ago

Really? Where do you live? I ordered mine 3-6 days before release and got it day one...

knifefight2769d ago

Can't afford...and it makes me cry ;_;

Lifewish2769d ago

maybe I can help you! Let's raise some cash for Knifefight!

DlocDaBudSmoka2769d ago

would love to help, but i dont like to support other ppls habits. only mine.

T3mpr1x2769d ago

My copy's been waiting for me at home since yesterday, I'll finally have time to play it tonight! :)

Software_Lover2769d ago

But I really want this game to come to PC. I'm not gonna hold my breath because I also want Red Dead Redemption to come to pc also, LOL.

I'll probably get it for ps3 sometime in the near future. I'm just waiting on Skyrim and Mass Effect 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.