MSXboxWorld: Brink Review

MSXboxWorld: "One thing that can be said about Brink, and one that indeed caught many a gamers eye in the long build up to its release, is that it certainly has its own unique look, one that stands out from the over-saturated crowd of digital realism and pixel perfect forms. Brink looks both artistic, and stylish, elegant, yet cool. It's a trait that helped it get noticed early on, and one that serves it well on release. Although the style looks unique, it doesn't look amazing, and the wow factor is lost after an hour or two, with little surprises up its sleeve to keep your interest peaked.

Brink really is a mixed bag. Stick with it, accept it for its faults, love it for its ingenuity, and there's a lot of enjoyment to be had here. Perhaps that's asking too much of today's gamer though, and inevitably, many will be put off by its short campaign, somewhat generic gameplay, laggy online experience and ultimately, the failure to deliver on its own hype."

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