Review Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 Unleashed |

Shift 2: Unleashed is a product that does a little jump in quality compared to his previous chapter, both in the graphic industry in the choice of style in Career Mode and assured the formula for the sector Autolog Multiplayer, but makes some errors affecting not just the gameplay, especially if it aims to become the new driving simulator. Like the good graphic design and satisfies, any player is enticing new expert pilot to try at least once a game, showing appreciable damage management and the evolution of his amazing on-screen effects. In short, the title is fun and enjoyable, definitely brings a new voice in the choir, so far in two voices, but ends up not markedly affect the long-awaited true simulation, but more surprising for the visual effect of shot from the rider's helmet that the driving feel. Which refer to this test of maturity for a next time, perhaps with SHIFT 3.

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