SEGA Rally Online Arcade - Tropical Demo Gameplay

Get your fuel flowing on the beach in SEGA Rally's return in downloadable form.

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Yi-Long2737d ago

...I didn't care much for the handling and the track was very short. Reading reviews, it seems to seriously lack in content.

I'll stick with the superiour Rallisport Challenge 2 for now, whenever I want my quick rallyracing fix.

I wish THAT game would get a HD release on XBLA.

Redempteur2737d ago

woah an even shorter track than the one sega used in the original HD sega rally release demo 3 years ago

congrats sega

waltyftm2737d ago

Looks like the PSP version, Not impressed at all.

e-p-ayeaH2737d ago

Looks exacly like the last game...i hope there´s new tracks and music.

kasasensei2736d ago

There is none.
34>13 cars
16>5 tracks
And dlc is probably coming. The game's size is 1.2gb, expect some dlc until it reaches 2gb (xbla' limit)

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