Xbox 360 version of PES 2008 has notable distance filtering issues

After reports of possible frame tearing of the ps3 version of PES 2008 IGN UK has also come up with notable problems of the x360 version.
This is what IGN UK noted in its review of the x360 version of PES 2008:-

"Seabass and his team have come good, then. Next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 captures the essence of the original games perfectly, gives it an HD injection and takes the AI to the next level. It's by no means perfect, though: compared to the PS3 version it runs more smoothly with far fewer drops in frame rate, but on the flip side there appears to be a weird distance filter which overlays the pitch, so the grass near the camera looks sharp, halfway up it's a bit more blurred and in the distance it's fuzzy. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but the depth changes are fairly visible – two curved lines arc across the screen - especially on an HD TV, and while it won't ruin your enjoyment of the game it does look a little odd."

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predator4069d ago

i would prefere that to frame rate drops, but neither versions should have problems

Hugh Hefner4069d ago

Seems like nasim found a quick counter to the PS3's framerate problems, who in my opinion are way more serious than this.

GaMr-4069d ago

We are gunna have a bunch of fanboys saying...

"Well honestly... I would take diarreha over constipation anyday. "

Guys honestly. Either way you spin it.... Its still shyt.

predator4069d ago

n4g gamer, did u read my post, how the hell did i come of bein a fanboy by say neither version should have problems?

shmee4069d ago

SONY BOT nasim has strike.

Take that XBOTS


Ahmadinejad4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

i played the demo and the gameplay havent changed much neither has the graphics or commentary. the gameplay is perfect why isnt the visuals and animations?

im not sure if the effect is intended to be there to act liek a tv camera or not? casue the closer u r to the pitch u see the grass better, same as when ur in staduim

Close_Second4069d ago

...where they switch in lower-res textures with higer res ones. This kind of thing happens on a lot of early 360 games. Disappointing to see they have not put a little extra effort in to hide this as has been done in other 360 titles.

dantesparda4069d ago

And if they would "trilinearly" filter it, then it wouldnt be a "line" but a "shaded" line instead (which looks ALOT better). BOTH systems are guilty of this (and I am not just talking about this game). What you're seeing is the line that separates the different Mipmaps. And almost all 360 games do this (whether you notice it or not). And i have been complaining about this since the beginning, and is one of the things that started to initially unimpress me about the 360, this and the screen tearing issue and the games not running at 60fps (hey i was expecting alot out of the system, with the specs it had). I've managed to get over the screen tearing and the lower than 60fps on most games issue, but the lack of trilinear filtering still bothers me, i mean for god's sake, it doesnt take that much processing power, the Xbox 1, PS2 & GC could do it fairly effortlessly! But yet here is the mighty 360 (and the PS3 too!) not doing it. Completely & utterly unacceptable to me. But oh well, i digress. You can tell that they are using either bilinear filtering or "bri"linear filtering. And i am actually starting to get over it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.