Metal Gear Solid 4's Ryan Payton Speaks with Kotaku

At this past week's E For All expo, Konami was well represented with games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Silent Hill Origins and Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. Also on hand were a number of developers, including Kojima Productions producer Ryan Payton who was nice enough to give the Kotaku Tokyo Game Show team a thorough hands-on walkthrough of the group's PlayStation 3 game, Metal Gear Solid 4. kotaku talked about where MGS4 currently stands, who the hell Ryan Payton is and what he brings to Kojima Productions, and what could be the most expensive opening

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jackdoe4070d ago

Good interview. Funny how noone posts in good interviews like this, but everyone posts in posts of half assed articles.

Korosuke4069d ago

and people tend to appear to the topic that related other platform they have, xbox users to ps3 topic and ps3 users to xbox topic.
saying, how inferior console you have and how superior console I have, blah blah blah,,,disgusting.