Rayman Origins releasing November 15th?

Looks like Rayman is set to make his triumphant, limbless return on November 15th

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Cheeseknight282647d ago

Why didn't they keep this as XBLA/PSN? It went from possible impulse buy to "I'll wait on < $20."

Rayman 2 was the better game anyway. Wish they would make one in that style.

walken72647d ago

I was just wondering if this was a download title. Seems excessive to put this on a Blu Ray.

Wolfie2647d ago

I'm so excited for this but i can't imagine oldschool 2d platformer as full priced retail title.

apollo062647d ago

It's a retail title. They were going to make it downloadable but they kept putting more and more into it and decided to make it a retail release.

Lylat_642647d ago

Good to know, hated the idea of a episodic Rayman.

Jack-H2647d ago

I'm not really interested in this. But, for people who are: The few screen shots I've seen for this game look absolutely gorgeous and I really dig the art style. Should be cool for fans.