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LA Noire Landmarks Location Guide (With Maps) - StrengthGamer.com

StrengthGamer.com: "There are 30 hidden landmarks scattered around the city. If you drive near one it will be added to your map, making your city complete. There is also an Achievement/Trophy for finding them all.

5/20/2011 - Added Maps of all the Landmarks at the bottom of the page." (L.A. Noire, PS3, Xbox 360)

AvidGamerrrr  +   1568d ago
ThrazN7  +   1568d ago
finally I'm 81% complete with the game want to get all the achievements.
BiggCMan  +   1568d ago
Wtf, this game just came out 4 days ago and you've done almost everything in the entire thing?? Have you even taken a dump since you got it?
ThrazN7  +   1567d ago
haha i've been going to school,eating dinner,friends etc.. but when i try to complete games i do it in a good pace.
LoneWanderer09  +   1567d ago
lol am 94% done with the game
Siesser  +   1567d ago
Wish I'd seen this earlier. Still may be helpful, but there's a point in the game where it becomes very important to have unlocked as many landmarks as possible - I'd only revealed just over half by then, and it made progress more time consuming >_<

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