[Video] Evolution of L.A. Noire, E3 Teaser Vs. Retail

A PS3Center-exclusive comparison video showing how far the game has come from it's humble E3 beginnings.

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DaThreats2588d ago

A 50gb bluray game, got crippled to fitting three dvd discs ='(

gaffyh2588d ago

It looks almost the same on both consoles, so not too much of a problem.

rdgneoz32588d ago

You do realize that you can change content or remove content and make the final product look the same on all platforms, but it doesn't change that fact that content was changed or removed, right?

lalalala2588d ago

This is the way comparison should be, game vs game not console vs console.

IronFist2588d ago

Quite a big difference to what it looked like originally, it actually looks better imo.

xPhearR3dx2588d ago

I have to disagree. The original trailer added tons of lighting effects to make the overall look of the city better, but the characters faces where so smooth with no detail. I still think the game turned out great regardless though :D

LiquidSnack2588d ago're making a comparison between in-game footage and an early pre-rendered trailer? :|

2588d ago
PhantomT14122588d ago

Yeah I highly doubt it was gameplay...

gaffyh2588d ago

It's not really a comparison video technically, hence why it's called "Evolution of..." Mainly it's showing how far the game has come.

Lavalamp2588d ago

Try doing on for the Old Republic.

ExitToExisT2588d ago

that was a CG trailer we saw in 2006 (and showed at this 'comparison' video.

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