Gamestop Trade-In Special: $40 towards Infamous 2, Trade 3 get $10 extra, and more

Gamestop has a few good trade-in offers that will help you pay for all the upcoming games you want without breaking the bank. Get an extra 25% trade bonus towards the purchase of Brink,L.A. Noire, or the pre-order of NCAA 2012. Also check out the trade 3 and get an extra $10 added to your trade deal, 50% extra trade bonus towards accessories, and the Infamous 2 trade offer. Make sure you take advantage of these offers, they will be valid until May 29th. The Infamous 2 deal is valid through June 19.

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DaThreats2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

They have Brink, or L.A. Noire too much in stock.

@below, I know, just saying why there are doing it for these 2 games.

AngelusTacos2765d ago

its towards the purchase of Brink or L.A. Noire, and if you are going to pre-order the new NCAA Football 2012 you would recieve that extra 25%. Thanks for your comment.

darthv722765d ago

i'd say download the ones they want to keep and trade in the physical ones.

You still have the game and can apply that trade in to pretty much anything.

win - win.

Ascalon942765d ago

well I guess I'm saying goodbye to Killzone 3 and Dead Rising 2.

HOSe2765d ago

these deals are old?

starting the 23rd you will beable to get 50% bonus trade in if u are a power up member

AngelusTacos2765d ago

Not old, they are just on going deals, and yes you are right starting on May 23rd they are giving out coupons to get 40% extra in trade for ps3 or 360 games, an extra 10% added if your a rewards member.You have to have the coupon code in order to use it though. Thanks for your comment.

chesed2765d ago

Since when are advertisements "news?"

AngelusTacos2765d ago

not advertisment, just sharing a deal that is going on. We are in no way affiliated with gamestop. Just another deal going on for gamers if they have anything to trade, right now they will get more bang for their buck. thanks for your comment

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