Steam Deal of the Day: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Get ready to yell BOOM HEADSHOT with steams daily deal giving us a 75% discount on Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

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MatthewMk22713d ago

Awesome! Bought and downloading now. I already have it for 360 but hey, might as well buy it again! It really is a fun game. Yeah it's not perfect, but who cares? It's bloody fun! Maybe people actually play multiplayer on PC.

dirthurts2713d ago

It's better on pc, with a better following. Enjoy. : )

LightofDarkness2713d ago


RBlaze2713d ago

Lol, you mean it's getting delivered or something?

If so, you can still buy the game and bring it to your new PC when it's... not so far way...

LightofDarkness2713d ago

Oh I bought it already. But I have no access to my PC for another 3 weeks :(

RBlaze2713d ago

I just wish my laptop wasn't so weedy!

I can barely run the original Total War!

bozebo2713d ago

inb4 should have built it urself. Unless of course you have a friend building it, which is a good decision.

LightofDarkness2713d ago

I did build it myself. I believe there a bits still in there from 2003 :p

BlackKnight2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Building FTW. You can make such a powerful for so cheap compared to Dell or especially Apple/MainGear.

On topic,
I just bought it on steam as well. Going to be outta town for the whole weekend though. Hope the world doesn't end or I will have wasted 5 bucks!!!! :P

dirthurts2713d ago

If the world ends you won't miss the 5 bucks anyway. Blow it!

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BlackHulk2713d ago

The steam deals as of late have been a miss for me, Im glad they did this today