When Consoles Die: 8 of Gaming's Last Stands

GamesRadar writes:
"It's a sad fact of life, but games consoles die. We can still remember people in the playground claiming that their Sinclair Spectrum was still alive when we were playing our Mega Drives and Super Nintendos. They were wrong - every games machine eventually becomes obsolete. But the fact is, developers have usually got the hang of the hardware at the exact moment it loses its shelf viability. The result? Some absolute gems that get released to declining audiences and lost in the excitement around newer, shinier technology.

So we take a look back at the major consoles of the last decade or so and see what last hurrahs were on offer for each platform before it bit the dust. It's not an exhaustive list, just the brightest stars in dying galaxies. Starting with a small blue planet..."

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MK_Red4041d ago

Panzer Dragoon Saga! OMG, I feel so ashamed. I'm a Panzer Dragon fan and didn't even know about this game. Hope they make a sequel or remake :(

Supa4041d ago

Don't quote me on this, but you might be able to play it on your PC via :)

Itachi4041d ago

look at SEGA back then
Panzer dragoon
Jet set radio
sonic adventure
2K sports

Now all there titles suck and below par Man i miss the dreamcast

MK_Red4041d ago

Superb comment. Sega was the king of AAA games back then... Seriously sad and tragic.

Marceles4041d ago

Seriously...the Dreamcast was an underrated system. It had its share of some really damn great games.

shodown194041d ago

Shenmue II was the sole reason that jumped me onto purchasing an XBox. Maybe it's not a system seller for most, but it's a system seller for me. I dont have a Nintendo Wii but if Shenmue III were to be announced for that system, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Anyone who has ever played Shenmue I and II can all agree with me on this, THE DAMN STORY NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED!!!!!!!!


hahahabutt4041d ago

I have both Shenmue I and II. Those games are still one of my favorites of all time. The story fell into place so well. It never really went crazy or corny. Those games where awsome. Microsoft gave money to Sega to keep Shenmue only on Xbox, so if any sequals are to land it will be on 360. I do wish part 3 comes soon if they ever decide to finish the saga. Its truely one of the best.

dfcm20034041d ago

I had die, was the Orginal Xbox. lol did anyone ever have a Saga CD? That was sweet system, lasted about as long as it took me to open the package, and it was no more, but it was really sweet.... Ally Cat. O man that was a fun game......

Marceles4041d ago

I wonder what fools actually bought a 32X

Bazookajoe_834041d ago

The original Nintendo is the only god i will find worthy =)

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The story is too old to be commented.