Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts bugs shut out players

PCGAMER writes: Hold the phones, everyone, all-new bugs have been discovered in Fallout: New Vegas! Players who had to endure the protracted bug-fixing period after New Vegas’ release will hardly be surprised to hear that the latest DLC instalment, Honest Hearts, is having a few teething problems.

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No surprising. Thats why I got rid of my copy of New Vegas. I just stick to Fallout 3.

newhumanbreed2712d ago

Lol such an ignorant comment implying that Fallout 3 is bug free.

Derekvinyard132712d ago

all stupid comments aside, The bugs in FO New vegas are unacceptable. And this dlc has just came out and the bugs are sooooo annoying. i blame the shitty engine though it seems used to its limits.

tablav2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

This is such a shame. When I first got New Vegas (on PS3), I didn't have a single crash at all. Played all the way through on Hardcore mode and it was smoooooth sailing.

THEN I restarted on Normal mode to go through and try to complete everything I possibly could. Every time there has been a patch to fix problems, it's made the problems worse. I haven't played it since January now because the game wouldn't play for more than 20 minutes without a freeze.

What gets me is that the crashing is so inconsistent. Some people never have crashes and other people have lots, even on the same systems.

I hope that with the application of the new and improved engine, Skyrim won't face quite so many problems (though it's unrealistic to assume there won't be any).

Drazz2713d ago

The only issue I had was freezing, until I cleared my 360's cache, then all fixed! Had no issues afterwards.

newhumanbreed2712d ago

The only issue I had was my character freezing in VATS and having to wait about a minute before VATS cleared off.

Motorola2713d ago

PC version working fine here. Great actually. No probs. Get super FPS too.

LiamIRL822713d ago

From the very first day New Vegas was released it has a been a non stop mess.

Kran2713d ago

Do they not have Game Testers for their games? Lolage

Derekvinyard132712d ago

i always think that with them. i sometimes cant belive that these bug filled things get passed certification

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