More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details

Newest Call of Duty Game will Feature both Spec Ops and Survival Modes

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iamnsuperman2765d ago

Nice to see Survival mode. Hope it is offline co-op as well as online.

FAGOL2765d ago

I don't get it though. Isn't it basically combat training without any friendly A.I.? If you go into combat training and put it on veteren wouldn't that be survival mode? Only difference is that the numbers of enemies increase in MW3.

Corepred42765d ago

I really hope they use the dedicated servers. I can't stand the lag on black ops, how they drop like 2 seconds AFTER you put a whole clip into someone. So annoying! MW2 uses dedicated right? On both consoles?

Killzone3___2765d ago

yeah , you right , that's why i don't play black ops , but i l like wage mode alot , the zombies not fun for me alot but it's still good .. they should put zombies and wager mode too .. that will make all the people buy it ... they need to make it more like Mw1 , it was really good , actully it's the best game i ever played , 3 years played it , that's alots of time , games rright now are not that good or i just get bored of games , i buy the game and complete it in the first day , all are easy ...

-Mezzo-2765d ago

Great, Now all i want to hear is if this one has dedicated servers on console or not, that will decided if I'm going to buy this or not.

FAGOL2765d ago

Doubt it but they should really consider it. They don't have to implement dedicated servers for every CoD title but instead they should for a every new CoD title every year. That way they can keep using the same servers over and over. Then make the old titles use P2P.

mrv3212765d ago

I think they should have a cluster, pretty much everyone who wants to own one Call of duty already owns it. It's like an upgrade, each year you see an ever so slight increase in COD sales, not much. And so the server increase will be tiny.

AngelusTacos2765d ago

What is your source for this information?

Fayulah2765d ago

I googled all the maps and found out those information

MGRogue20172765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I've wanted a Survival/Horde mode in a Call of Duty game since World At War

It's really great news that they're finally putting one in.

@ below, with humans though, not living dead.. lol

Pixel_Enemy2765d ago

zombies....................... ...........

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The story is too old to be commented.