Devil May Cry 4: Collector's Edition...79.99. No helmet?

The regular PS3 and 360 versions are priced at the regular 59.99.

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gunnerforlife4068d ago

if that comes out in the UK then im definetly getting the special edition:D:D

Premonition4068d ago

This is one of the best Collectors edition ive seen in a long time, might force me to pick this game up lol.

Bonsai12144068d ago

basically for 20 extra bucks you get two (fake) guns? thats pretty sweet... still not sure i'll get it though. haha

Mr_Kuwabara4068d ago

I bet you didn't even read. :/

Laexerias4068d ago

These are not Fakes, that are Replicas of the original Ebony and Ivory. They are just f*cking hot.. got them for 570€ from Japan <3.

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The story is too old to be commented.