Pandora's Tower 8 Minutes Gameplay Footage

Check out the 8 minutes gameplay footage of Wii's upcoming Jrpg pandora's tower.

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zeal0us2764d ago

this game should of came out during the wii golden days/when it was in its prime.

BeastlyRig2764d ago

Whatever that thing is it is f.n weird! O_o

Tigerfist2763d ago

Another action RPG? Why are 80% of this gen's RPGs action RPGs...

soren2763d ago

and? and um 80% are der even dat many rpg games to even make 80%?

zeal0us2763d ago

where have you been looking at? action rpgs
so far i seen....
Demon soul
Infinited Undiscovery
Star Ocean 4
and etc
Divine Soul
and etc

Action rpg/mmorpg can only account for a small number
and this generation is only 6 years old (since 360 came out) and there been more jrpg/turn-base made some you will never see/play and some you probably don't even know exist due to poor marketing.

Tigerfist2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

There is also Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles and FF XIII going all pseudo-action mixed up with some timers... The Last Story and the upcoming FF versus XIII, Monster Hunter for the Wii, the new Elder Scrolls game, Kingdom Hearts for the PSP, the new Diablo 3, Deus Ex...

You have shitloads of MMO's aswell like Rift, Aion, Warhammer and Conan, FF XIV, WOW which has been going on forever...

That list of action rpg's goes on forever if we are going at it.

Now name me mainstream up to this gen's standards turn based RPG's. Yes... I don't think so.

With most turn-based going "indie"(and beeing mostly tactical RPG's) or very outdated and many old franchises adopting the action elements, I sadly feel that the genre is dying and there is no telling me otherwise.

soren2762d ago

fall out? um thats no action rpg thats a buggy slow pase shooter rpg with rpg elements i dono wtf fable is O.0 the game looks more like a western action game

soren2762d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles and FF XIII last story are not action rpg games... 1 valkryia chronicals is a strategy game smart guy white night? um that game is not action its all time based and ff? um is trun base action is when u control full combat and its action oriented such as star ocean tales avolon code and again fall out? its a firsperson shooter with rpg elements

Tigerfist2762d ago

Please go on and research the definition of an action-rpg...