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Tom Chick writes: "What eventually passes for core gameplay in LA Noire is a bad guessing game in which you have to decide whether people are lying and which bits of evidence from your inventory confirm the lie. It's all very vague, and you'll feel like quite the schmuck when you're sure you've cornered a suspect, only to realize that the game's writer was on a different page. Not that it matters, which is a terrible thing to say about core gameplay."

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Christopher2740d ago

*chokes on his birch beer*

Sorry, but wha?!?!?!

Nitrowolf22740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Apparently this guy isn't very good at piecing clues together if he is just playing the guessing game the whole time.

IMO LA is def not a 5, but if it were to receive a low score that at min it should be a 7. I don't feel like this game is a 7 of course and 5 Is way to low and its putting it up there with far worse games. LA noir does an excellent job at story and investegation gameplay, which is the key thing to the game.

lil Titan2740d ago

this person thought this was GTA and started running over people, tried to pick up a hooker (which does not exist in the game) and tried finding the marker with the big T to run errands for Fat Tony.

On another note has anyone tried just running over people? what happens? im too busy solving cases to be bothered with that

Obelisk922739d ago


Low scoring for hits. Keep walking. Nothing to see here.

lil Titan2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

someone been either drinking, smoking, snorting or shooting themselves up with drugs before they wrote this to give that score. OR he got the 360 version and is annoyed with swapping disc lol

Spitfire_Riggz2740d ago

Lol the "honest" gamers. This review might just make a case in the future DLC for L.A Noire! Somebody save the link for evidence!!

frostypants2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

"Since this is very much a Rockstar title...the natural expectation is that you're getting an open-world saga along the lines of Grand Theft Auto IV or Red Dead Redemption."

I stopped reading the article here. EPIC FAIL right out of the gate.

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Brian52472740d ago

Tom Chick, ladies and gentlemen...

Eternus2740d ago

Completely disagree with this review.

emerald_rocker2740d ago

Awesome review. Glad to read something that doesn't copy-and-paste what someone else wrote.

xPhearR3dx2740d ago

And you seen that where exactly?

Nitrowolf22740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

um lol i am sure he works for HonestGamers by the name of zigfried
at least that what this link implies
(CRTL F emerald rocker)

if not then he certainly is a fan, his submission/approval history shows that

xPhearR3dx2740d ago

Well that explains it lol

emerald_rocker2740d ago

That only explains it if you assume that I would like every review that gets posted. I don't, but I do like this one. Tom Chick is awesome.

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