IGN: The First Templar Review

IGN: "Moments into The First Templar you know you're playing a budget game. The menus and user interface are bad with generic fonts and an intrusive heads up display. The screen is simply too crowded – especially in split-screen cooperative play – and it takes away from any of the ambience or occasional beauty the environments have. Games like Dead Space have shown that UI can be both elegant and serve a purpose, while The First Templar's is just phoned in.

The character animations and lackluster graphics don't help The First Templar, either. This looks like a game from the previous generation, and no matter how good a performance the voice actors might be trying to give, they're always hampered by the mechanical nature of the character's movements."

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Legionaire20052684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

What a disgrace to the name Templar!!!! Well known thoughtout history. They couldn't do that to the Freemasons or the Illuminati laugh!!!. When I first saw this game in the trailers I thought it was bad with xbox 1 first generation graphics(2001). The animation looks horrible too. I can't imagine working two years in the game industry making this game with all this work of programming and cram time near the release of the game, only to see bad reviews!!!! What a waste of two years man. They should of work on the graphics.

YoungMoney2684d ago

whoa, didn't see that coming.

undercovrr2684d ago

seriously? The game looked terrible in the previews

DNAbro2684d ago

i assume that is sarcasm

Rainstorm812684d ago

"it takes away from any of the ambience"

Someone has been playing LA noire, a suspect said damnear these exact words to me in the game

egidem2684d ago

You just read my mind!

xxxAnubisxxx2684d ago

Another bad review from IGN means it's probably a pretty decent game.... I'll buy it just like I did BRINK.

DNAbro2684d ago

watch 5 minutes of gameplay and you will immediately hate it.

despair2684d ago


then by your logic you should go buy the new Thor game, I believe it got the same score....

soundslike2684d ago

Close your eyes and it sounds like they are reviewing console Dragon Age origins lol

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