Impulse Gamer: L.A. Noire Review

Impulse Gamer: While many people might know Rockstar Games because of the popular Grand Theft Auto series, people expecting a 1940s GTA will be disappointed. This game is not the type of game to play for someone who wants to cause mass mayhem and destruction.

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Rainstorm812739d ago

Great game but a 9.9 it is not.....Personally i think RDR is a better game.

Solid_Snake-2739d ago

its been getting good reviews from companies but the public seem to disagree. i havnt played it yet so cant review myself but it does look pretty decent.

Rainstorm812739d ago

Dont get me wrong the game is really good but its not as varied as your usual Rockstar games.

The game is really all about the detective work, and thats not bad but usually rockstar gives you a Rich world to explore. I dont feel the need to explore this city as much as RDR or even GTA.

I guess thats where team bondi comes in.

gillri2739d ago

I slightly prefer this to RDR, but that cause I love games about atmoephere and immersion

gillri2739d ago


but thats the point int he game, that was alwasy the point in the game..thats what all the previews said it was!!!

so why are disappointed it doesnt have GTA./RDR levels of epxloration and side missions?

if they had included all of that then be prepared to wait another year or so