Halo 3's Save Films Nearly Dropped?

The ridiculously popular feature was nearly cut from Halo 3.

Bungie explains....

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Mr Blings4070d ago

the saved films/screen shots are cool and all, but wouldn't it be even cooler if you could take your screen shots and make custimized theme for your xbox 360. That my friend would be bad a**!

Wile4070d ago

it's always easier to be critial of a great idea after someone else delivers on it. frankly I think the theme idea is interesting but the save file feature is great the way it is.

Chris_GTR14070d ago

u can... all you do is go to and download your pics to a thumb drive then put it on the 360 as a backround.

FirstknighT4070d ago

Halo 2 started the whole game montage craze. It was a no brainer that they had to do something to make it easier to capture gameplay.

jackdoe4070d ago

Er. Okay. Bungie, how about implementing custom game searches? The fans want that.

bumnut4069d ago

that is the reason i traded the game in, i hate been told what type of game i have to play.

DaEnforcer4070d ago

Holycrap guys we have to get loud about this issue, take a look at this:

GameTap 100.0%
GamePro 100.0%
PSM Magazine 95.0%
GamerNode 95.0%
IGN 94.0%
PSM3 Magazine UK 93.0%
GameZone 93.0%
UnderGroundOnline 90.0%
PSX Extreme 90.0%
Gaming Age 90.0%
Gametrailers 90.0%
GameAlmighty 90.0%
Pro-G 90.0%
1UP 85.0%

Nobody ouside of 1UP gave this game less than a 9 and this is not the end of the story. GameRankings ain't really up to date, they is no GameSpot score yet and guess what? gameSpot gave this game a 7.5, holycrap a freaking 7.5. Add to this that link ( where Gamestop forbids to talk negative about MS and their games and we know where we at. This needs to get loud, get the blog guys here and report it all over the world. MS is fooling gamers with biased review sites, this crap needs to stop.

vgn244069d ago

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or stupid. That means you failed at both. Please try again.

waldopepper4069d ago

Hello and greetings from planet earth.

Gamerankings has the Gamespot review listed and if you took the trouble to check this and click through:

They gave it 9.5 out of 10.

If you click on the page that lists all reviews I just scanned this page and noticed at least 10 reviews that gave Halo3 less than 9.

Are you actually talking about Halo3? I don't think PSM (Play Station Magazine) would be reviewing a 360 game and if they did, I doubt they would give it a high score.