New Info on PS3 Lost Planet

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PS3 will be released with a host of new features not previously available in Xbox 360 console version. These new editions include 16 multiplayer maps and additional playable characters each with their own unique set of abilities.

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Twizlex4073d ago

Whatever... Contributors are anal and dumb sometimes, but back on topic - does anyone think these features matter? Would these additions make it better than the 360 version or worth the extra year wait to play it on the PS3? I'm curious to see how well this sells considering a lot of PS3 owners might just think it's a 360 hand-me-down. Why should we care about a year-old game that wasn't that great to begin with?

MarioFromTexas4073d ago

Why would the 360 version even matter? Play the games on your system and stop worrying about what other people play

CNIVEK4073d ago

...except support for 2 more players on MP. I'd hardly call that " a host of new features not previously available in Xbox 360 console version". :o

WilliamRLBaker4073d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Lets see
From gamespots lost planet page.

Number of Online Players: 16 Online
Now if they mean 16 new muliplayer maps? then i doubt it that would be like...nealy 25 or more maps to use on that game if you include the 360 maps and the downloadable.

And Characters with special powers? who wants that games have tried it and it just turned out that certain player types had major advantages and people would use only that character type.

Edit: all of the above is fact, so people like to disagree with facts.

Scythesean4073d ago

when capcom makes any annoucnment it reminds me of that movie "Not another Teen Movie" where the guys starts clapping and they tell he it's not the right time. Capcom seems to be the only one clapping while everyone else is telling him this isn't the right time.

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The story is too old to be commented.