Minecraft developer looking to publish other indie games

Daniel Kaplan, business development director of Minecraft development stdio Mojang Specifications, revealed to that the company is looking to expand into the publishing realm, and it may have something on the market as early as Autumn. Details are scarce at this point, and Kaplan admitted that the company isn’t sure what its first step will be.

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illidari2770d ago

NO! I can't handle another addicting game that wastes my life. It interferes with the other game that is wasting my life.

bozebo2770d ago

Good :D

I am about to get stuck in on some indie/portfolio developments.

DeadlyFire2770d ago

I can list a good list of indie games coming that might need a publisher.

Ground Branch
Six Days in Fallujeh
Interstellar Marines

Although some are now claimed AAA Indie games. Trying to publish themselves.